Wellness Getaway

Come Experience a Wellness Getaway

Yoga Getaway

Outdoor yoga is a fantastic way to heighten yoga’s many benefits. Fresh air, the lake, and the presence of the woods make for an outstanding teaching and learning experience. 

Hot Yoga Getaway

Our 500 sq ft studio on the Cedars East side can accommodate your workout requirements. Sweat indoors for maximum effect, and savour the scenery outside when you’re done. 

Meditation Getaway

There’s nothing like meditating in nature to synchronize ourselves with the rhythms of the Earth. Cedars Haliburton offers quiet refuge to cleanse the mind and restore inner peace.

Fitness Getaway

If you’re planning a weekend around exercise programs and nurturing healthy habits, nature’s gymnasium delivers plenty of scenery and fresh air to keep you motivated.  

Spiritual Getaway

Personal wellness comes in many forms. The Cedars Halliburton’s tranquil location allows for quiet reflection as you take in the wonder of the area’s rolling hills and boreal forest.

Couples Getaway

Sometimes it’s necessary to break free from your everyday environment to help mend a broken relationship. Our serene wilderness environment can facilitate the healing process. 

Fitness In Nature

‘Green exercise’ is a term describing physical activities conducted in natural environments. Outdoor activities are a proven way to relieve stress and improve your mood. There’s a reason why so many Canadians gravitate towards the cottage lifestyle. There’s no better way to relax and recenter yourself than with the escapism only nature provides.

Additional Experiences And Package

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