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The Perfect Fitness Getaway in Haliburton

With its stunning views, natural surroundings, and plentiful amenities, The Cedars Haliburton offers an idyllic setting for athletic activities and fitness classes of every sort.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to host a pilates boot camp in the woods or you want a fun way to jump-start your weight loss routine and boost your fitness level, The Cedars Haliburton offers plenty of inspiration.

More than a vacation destination, a stay at our Haliburton, Ontario lodge will leave you feeling your best.

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An Indulgent Vacation with Less Calories

Fitness getaways and wellness retreats are quickly becoming the vacation of choice for people craving physical and mental stimulation. A gym in a hotel is just that, another gym. But when you book a stay at The Cedars Haliburton, your time is fueled by fresh air, sunshine, and magnificent natural scenery.

At The Cedars Haliburton , you’ll enjoy indoor and outdoor cardio, great-tasting (healthy) food, and a refreshing change of scenery to revitalize your spirit.

Why Choose a Fitness Getaway at The Cedars Haliburton?

Embarking on a fitness retreat in Haliburton offers more than just physical activity. It presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and embrace the benefits of change. Our guests leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and with a newfound sense of balance and commitment to their health.

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Refocus Your Mind for Wellness and Relaxation

You’ll have ample opportunity to relax between workouts. The Cedars Haliburton sets the stage for guests to participate in mindfulness activities, meditation, and personal reflection.

  • The serene backdrop fosters a sense of calm
  • Guests have easy access to scenic trails and tranquil lakes
  • Forest therapy walks can help alleviate depression and stress
  • Outdoor activities provide an immersive experience you can’t achieve with a treadmill or spin class
  • Our luxurious accommodations feel like a second home

Networking with Like-Minded People at a Beautiful Lodge

There’s a good reason why families invest in cottage properties: it’s a place to unplug from city life and spend meaningful time away from distractions. What better way to connect with new people or forge stronger relationships than in central Ontario’s beautiful, forested landscape. The Cedars Haliburton was built to maximize your leisure time.

  • Saunas
  • Patio campfires
  • Luxurious accommodations for downtime lounging
  • Group spa treatments upon request

A Variety of Fitness Programs (Yoga, Pilates, and More)

At The Cedars Haliburton, guests can engage in a diverse range of enjoyable activities. Whether it’s yoga classes, outdoor adventures, or specialized fitness camps, there are countless fitness options for promoting vitality and longevity while on-site.

  • Guests can indulge in personal training sessions and group activities, indoors or outside
  • Daily hikes or a trek around the lake are terrific opportunities to savour some forest therapy
  • Our 500-square-foot heated studio allows you to partake in yoga, Zumba, aerobics, cardio boxing, and other classes
  • Scenic nearby golfing
  • Fishing, kayaking, canoeing
  • Accommodates fitness activities in warm weather and the winter months

Personal Transformations through Hot Yoga Retreats

Hot yoga retreats can transform individuals, boosting self-confidence, self-love, and acceptance. Participants experience shifts in perspective, mindset, and overall well-being. They discover newfound strength, physically and mentally, as retreats push their limits. 

These experiences inspire a balanced, mindful, and purposeful life influenced by yoga’s transformative power. Retreats also unlock inner wisdom, intuition, and authentic potential. A pristine location in nature enriches the process.

Nutrition Options for Wonderful Meals

At The Cedars Haliburton, you can choose a variety of nourishing, chef-prepared meals designed to support your fitness objectives. You’ll have plenty of fridge space and a full kitchen to support your dietary needs. Upon request, you can enjoy the following:

  • Catered meals tailored to your preferences for optimizing gut health and avoiding allergies
  • The services of a personal chef for zesty, healthy meals and ample nutrition
  • A visit from the local pizza truck for an indulgent cheat snack
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Is a Trek to Haliburton, Canada, the Right Vacation for You?

The Cedars Haliburton is the break from city life that enables you to commit to your fitness routine. From British Columbia to upstate New York, people everywhere are discovering the appeal of Haliburton County.

A stay at one of our gorgeous hillside cottages overlooking West Lake can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, benefiting your physical and mental well-being. Consider us your wellness center in the woods!

Rest assured, instructors and attendees will have everything they need to make the most of their time in absolute comfort.

Book your fitness getaway at The Cedars Haliburton today!

Fitness In Nature

‘Green exercise’ is a term describing physical activities conducted in natural environments. Outdoor activities are a proven way to relieve stress and improve your mood. There’s a reason why so many Canadians gravitate towards the cottage lifestyle. There’s no better way to relax and recenter yourself than with the escapism only nature provides.

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